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Computer Controlled 3-Axis Model Support System

Over several years of development, the RHRC computer controlled model support has been constantly improved to provide smooth, accurate, dynamic motions.  The current baseline configuration provides 3 rotational degrees of freedom, which can be combined to produce rotational motions about any axis.  When combined with RHRC's submersible 5-component force and moment balance, vehicle dynamic behavior can be quantified in terms of damping derivatives, rotary- balance derived spin susceptibility, and non-linear characteristics.  A large number of experiments are possible with this model support. RHRC also provides a variety of specialized model supports for linear motions such as plunge, heave and sway.

The RHRC's model support, data acquisition, and water tunnel control systems are all written in National Instruments' LabVIEW graphical programming language.  This provides a simple point and click interface to all experiment generation and data processing tasks. 



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