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Research Water Tunnel Model 1520



The Rolling Hills Research Corporation Eidetics Flow Visualization Water Tunnel Model 1520 is a closed circuit system suitable for studying a wide range of aerodynamic and fluid dynamic phenomena. RHRC water tunnels have been produced since 1985, providing many satisfied customers with excellent research facilities. Similar in all aspects to the larger Model 2436, the key features of this tunnel are size and the optional kit form. Model 1520 shares the same high flow quality and horizontal orientation as Model 2436. The horizontal configuration facilitates model access and provides for visualization of the flow axially from the downstream transverse window. The extensive flow conditioning section has been recently redesigned to allow air bubbles to be easily cleared so the flow characteristics in the test section are excellent with minimal effort. This tunnel is also operated as a continuous flow channel and the entire circuit is constructed of non-corrosive materials supported by a smaller painted structural steel framework. The primary components, interior and exterior surfaces are all constructed in the same manner as Model 2436.


The 15 inch wide by 20 inch high by 60 inch long test section is also surrounded on two sides and the bottom by tempered glass to allow simultaneous viewing. Glass is vastly superior to plastic, such as Plexiglas, for photography and laser instruments. Axial viewing is provided by the downstream window. The tunnel centerline is also located approximately at eye level to facilitate testing. The open area beneath the test section provides ample room for photographic or video recording equipment, including light fixtures.


Available in a kit form, Model 1520 is a cost effective alternative to the Model 2436. Combined with the model support system and the 5 component balance system, this water tunnel can be a unique and valuable tool used for the study of aerodynamic and fluid dynamic phenomena. Perhaps the most valuable feature is the ability to simultaneously measure forces and observe the flow visualization.


Download a descriptive brochure for the Model 1520 .


RHRC can also produce custom water tunnels to meet your specifications


For pricing information, email

or call (310) 640-8781 ext. 22.





30' x 15' x 6.5' (LxWxH)


9,500 lbs. w/water


1,000 gallons

Test Section

15" x 20" x 60" (WxHxL)

Down Stream Window

15" x 15" (WxH)

Flow Velocity

0 to 1 ft./sec. nominal  (0 to 3 ft/s available)

Turbulence Intensity

<1.0% RMS

Centrifugal pump

7.5 hp, 230 VAC, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, 20 A

Dye System

Pressurized 6-color

Mounting Structure

Powder Coated Steel Frame


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