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University Desktop Water Tunnel Model 0710



The Rolling Hills Research Corporation Model 0710 University Desktop Water Tunnel is the latest addition to RHRC's Eidetics line of water tunnel research products. RHRC water tunnels have been produced since 1985, providing many satisfied customers with excellent research and educational facilities. While retaining many of the world-class features of RHRC's larger research water tunnels, the new Model 0710 is designed specifically to be an affordable teaching tool for High Schools and Universities. The 2nd generation design introduced a 1-piece powder coated steel frame, just like our larger research water tunnels.  It also includes a new flow conditioner channel design that allows easy clearance of bubbles from the honeycomb, as described and shown below. Now, the new 2014 3rd generation tunnels include subtle changes that improve performance and durability, such as new electro-polished baffles and flow conditioners that resist corrosion even better and have a bright, shiny finish.  For 2014, RHRC has introduced the improved second generation of prepared experiments that illustrate fundamental fluid dynamic principles.



Inexpensive plastic models can easily be fabricated or assembled from off-the-shelf kits. Flat plates, cylinders, spheres, aircraft and automotive models can all be used very effectively to demonstrate fluid dynamic phenomenon, from simple to very complex.




The second generation water tunnel introduced a simple but highly effective flow conditioner design that allows the honeycomb to be rotated to clear bubbles that can distort the flow, assuring excellent flow quality in the test section.


The Model 0710 offers views of the test section through a downstream and two side windows, all made of tempered glass.  The downstream window offers axial views of the model, as shown in the photo to the left. Glass windows are superior for use with PIV or LDV systems, as well as for photography. Flow visualization is provided by a three color, pressurized dye system with individual needle valve controls. The Model 0710 features a variable speed motor and a stainless steel pump, a turbulence reducing screen and honeycomb in the settling chamber, a 6:1 contraction ratio, and dual line return plumbing... just like RHRC's full size water tunnels, Models 1520 and 2436. The University Desktop Water Tunnel is ideal for in-classroom demonstrations and student research projects.


Optional Speed Control

The basic Model 0710 comes as a single speed unit. An electronic speed control can be added that greatly increases the flexibility of the system. Using the electronic speed control, the speed in the test section can be varied from 0 to 5 inches per second. The only buttons that are normally used are the four on the right-hand side: Start, Stop, Up Arrow and Down Arrow. The readout displays the approximate speed in the test section, in inches per second. The speed is increased by pressing the Up Arrow button and decreased by pressing the Down Arrow button. The tunnel can be stopped at any time by simply pressing the Stop button.



RHRC pre-calibrates each Model 0710 water tunnel before delivery to ensure that the digital display displays the speed of the water in the test section, in inches per second. The electronic controller has many additional programmable features that are described in the manufacturer's Installation and Operation Manual, which is included with the tunnel.


Summary of Unique Features

The Model 0710 University Desktop Water Tunnel offers several important features that make it the best value for the money:

  • Tempered glass in the test section for high quality photography and compatibility with laser systems such as particle image velocimetry.

  • Great attention to flow conditioning has resulted in low turbulence, uniform flow.

  • High resistance to corrosion through the use of a stainless steel pump, baffles, and flow conditioners, which now have electro-polished surfaces.

  • Comprehensive set of experiments are available, including complete documentation, which can be cut-and-pasted to easily create lesson plans.

Download a descriptive brochure for the Model 0710.


For pricing information, email

or call (310) 640-8781 ext. 22.






112" x 46" x 47" (LxWxH)


~1,000 lbs. w/water


105 gallons

Test Section

7" x 10" x 18" (WxHxL)

Down Stream Window

7" x 9.5" (WxH)

Flow Velocity

2 to 5 in./sec.

Turbulence Intensity

<0.5% RMS

Centrifugal pump

1.5hp 115VAC 60Hz 16A (stainless steel)

Dye System

Pressurized 3 color

Mounting Structure

Steel table with swivel casters


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