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Gerald Malcolm

Senior Research Fellow



Education                -  MS Aeronautics & Astronautics

                                   Stanford University, 1967

                               -   BS Aeronautical Engineering

                                   University of Colorado, 1961


Mr. Malcolm has 43 years experience in aeronautics research and development including 24 years as a research scientist with NASA-Ames where his primary interests in the first 12 years was in supersonic and hypersonic aerodynamics of planetary entry configurations and in the latter 12 years in fundamental fluid and flight mechanics associated with high performance aircraft and missiles at high angles of attack.  His most recent responsibilities were in planning, execution, supervision, and coordination of research programs within NASA and DOD in high angle of attack technology.  His specific interests included fluid mechanics of vortex flows, unsteady aerodynamics, and the development of specialized dynamic test rigs for wind tunnel tests such as the NASA-Ames High Reynolds Number Rotary-Balance Apparatus.

Mr. Malcolm joined Eidetics International in September 1985 as Director of Research and Technology.  He was promoted to Vice President of the Aeronautics Division in 1986. His division was actively engaged in aeronautical research related to the performance of highly-agile fighter aircraft focusing on experimental innovation in aerodynamics at high angles of attack and the development of forebody vortex control methods for fighter aircraft.  State-of-the-art water tunnel facilities were developed under his supervision for Eidetics' research laboratory and for sale to government, industry, and university laboratories with primary emphasis on flow visualization and, with the development of a 5-component balance for the water tunnel, simultaneously acquiring forces and moments.   He has over 80 publications in scientific papers and journals.

In 1997, Mr. Malcolm rejoined NASA at the Dryden Flight Research Center.  He served as Assistant Director for Research and Engineering for approximately 2 years and was appointed as Program Manager for RevCon (Revolutionary Concepts in Aeronautics) in 1999, a multi-NASA Center program focused on the selection and funding of multiple NASA and industry-based research concepts that could be taken to flight within 4 to 5 years.  The program was cancelled by NASA HQ in 2001.  He was then selected to serve as Associate Director for Access to Space Projects for Dryden.  In this capacity he was responsible for all Dryden flight projects associated with the development of technologies related to Access to Space, such as X-38, X-43A, X-37 and the supporting carrier aircraft, the B-52 bomber, and Next Generation Launch Technologies (NGLT) Program.  In addition to specific project related responsibilities, he also served as Acting Director of Aerospace Projects Directorate in the absence of the Director of Aerospace Projects.

He retired from NASA on July 24, 2004 with nearly 32 years of government service.  In August 2004, Mr. Malcolm joined Rolling Hills Research Corporation to contribute his breadth of experience to both engineering research and university relations.


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