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January 5-8, 2004 - Rolling Hills Research Corporation participated in the 42nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) in Reno, Nevada, this week. The AIAA meeting provided an opportunity to display the new 2nd generation design of the Model 0710, University Desktop Water Tunnel.  The new design features a single piece, welded steel frame, that is similar to the frame used for the Model 1520 and 2436 Research Water Tunnels.  All three sizes of the RHRC water tunnel family now use a new flow conditioner design that allows the honeycomb to be rotated to clear air-bubbles.  This makes it very convenient to maintain excellent flow quality in the test section.


RHRC also used the AIAA meeting to introduce the latest prepared experiment for the Model 0710 water tunnel, the Bernoulli experiment.  The experiment uses a series of pressure transducers are arranged in a converging / diverging nozzle to measure the change in pressure, and velocity, through the length of the nozzle.  The transducers are read by an analog to digital converter board, and displayed with RHRC's software.  The divergence angle of the nozzle can be adjusted to show the onset of separation.


Special thanks to RHRC's friend and supporter, Dr. Abdi Khodadoust, who provided digital photos from the AIAA meeting.



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